European Space Agency selects LimeSDR for app-enabled satcoms

Lime Microsystems has announced a project with the European Space Agency, which will see its LimeSDR platforms used to develop innovative satellite telecommunications solutions based on Software Defined Radio (SDR), both on ground and in space. This is as an extension to current use cases in cellular, military and IoT applications. ESA will actually become an official backer of the LimeSDR Project - which is available through Crowd Supply - [...]

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SDR starter kit developed for Raspberry Pi, Grove and LimeSDR using Scratch

Kit ideal for education use and beginners, priced sub $250 January 24, 2018 - Lime Microsystems, in partnership with Seeed Studio has today announced a Starter Kit for its LimeSDR platform based on the Grove Platform and for use with the Raspberry Pi. The kit is priced at $249 (c. £180 / €200). It includes a LimeSDR Mini with antennas optimised for 433/868/915 MHz unlicensed bands, plus a GrovePi+ and [...]

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Is this the world’s smallest digital TV transmitter? Raspberry Pi Zero and LimeSDR Mini combine to create pocket-sized open-source DVB

The LimeSDR Mini and Raspberry Pi Zero have been used to create an open-source pocket-sized DVB (digital video broadcasting) transmitter, which is believed to be is the world’s smallest. Developed by Evariste Okcestbon, the open-source prototype streams live images from a Raspberry Pi camera (PiCam) and implements avc2ts, dvb2iq and limetx software to encode and transmit H.264 video on the 1.2 GHz amateur TV band. The boards are connected via [...]

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Industry’s first app-based cellular core now available for LimeNet

PocketEPC complete mobile core available as a Snap via the LimeNet Ubuntu App Store Quortus and Lime Microsystems today announced the availability of PocketEPC – a complete cellular core network realized as an App – via Lime Micro’s LimeNET Ubuntu App Store. By combining the LimeNET hardware platform with PocketEPC, the two companies allow any developer to rapidly and cost-effectively create complete 4G (or 5G / IoT) networks. Delivered as [...]

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Lime wins prestigious Techworks Award for LimeSDR platform

Lime has won a prestigious TechWorks Award for its LimeSDR software defined radio platform. The company took home the Cadence-sponsored More Than Moore trophy, with the presentation taking place during TechWorks’ annual award gala held in London. The award was presented by the BBC’s lead technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, who said the choice of Lime was for its ability to use “semiconductor design and manufacturing know-how in novel ways.” With [...]

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LimeSDR Mini gets backing of Rakon, enabling highest performance at affordable cost

Lime Microsystems has today announced the support of Frequency Control Products (FCP) company Rakon for its LimeSDR Mini platform. The Rakon oscillator − along with the Lime LMS7002 and Altera’s FPGA − is one of the three key components in the LimeSDR platform. Having the backing of Rakon enables the LimeSDR Mini to deliver its leading performance at a price point that makes SDR accessible. “The LimeSDR Mini makes software-defined [...]

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LimeSDR gets 10GHz extension with new $299 companion board

Can be used with all LimeSDR variants (including Mini) and other configurations too   Lime has today announced a LimeSDR and LimeSDR Mini companion board that extends the range to a 10 GHz maximum. The new board costs just $299, and uses the new Lime LMS8001A, a highly integrated, four-channel frequency-shifter chip. It can be used with all variants of the LimeSDR – from Mini and USB, to PCIe and [...]

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$99 LimeSDR Mini software defined radio launches on Crowd Supply

Open source LimeSDR backed by Ubuntu, Vodafone and BT/EE Smaller, less expensive LimeSDR packs same LMS7002M transceiver as big sibling Lime Microsystems has launched its open source Lime SDR Mini - a smaller, less expensive version of the hugely-popular LimeSDR software defined radio prototyping boards. The LimeSDR Mini is available for pre-order immediately through Crowd Supply at $139 (£100, €115). It launched with an early bird price of $99 (£75, €83) [...]

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Lime announces Quortus’s new PocketEPC 4G core network app will be available on LimeNET/LimeSDR app stores

Lime Microsystems and Quortus today announced the Quortus PocketEPC core network technology, launched last week, will be available for LimeNET and LimeSDR hardware. The port will be available on the LimeNET Ubuntu App Store from later this year. The first of its kind, the App Store will contain wireless networking applications for cellular infrastructure, IoT, media and test & measurement for open source radio hardware solutions provided by Lime. Quortus [...]

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Vodafone collaborates with Lime Microsystems to develop software-defined cellular radio platforms 

Lime Microsystems today announced that Vodafone Group will collaborate with Lime Microsystems to develop software-defined cellular radio platforms that support Vodafone´s OPEN RAN vision. The app-enabled LimeNET platform aims to bring together a large community of developers to provide innovative and tailored cellular applications more quickly and cost effectively than today. The applications are aiming to cover all aspects of Radio Access Network (RAN) functionalities and services on top, ranging from [...]

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