Mobile World Congress 2018 – update – LimeSDR on Vodafone, Quortus and Amarisoft

LimeSDR on stand at Quortus Vodafone to Amarisoft, Quortus and Vodafone Mobile World Congress begins today and Lime's technologies are on demonstration in multiple locations across the show floor, with LimeNET and LimeSDR technologies in action throughout the event. The last year has been a significant one for Lime, with the launch of the $139 LimeSDR Mini (ideal for prototyping new systems - even with the Raspberry Pi), the LimeSDR QPCIe [...]

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A sub-$500 SDR with continuous coverage from 10 MHz to 10 GHz

The LMS8001 Companion can be used to extend the frequency range of any LimeSDR board all the way up to 10 GHz. Here Andrew Back and the LimeSDR team take a look at a demo to show it in action and observe 10 GHz signals, pairing the LMS8001 Companion with LimeSDR Mini to create a sub-$500 SDR platform with continuous coverage from 10 MHz through to 10 GHz. This is [...]

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SDRangel VHF FM Transmit and Android Demos

We have two new demos to share featuring the LimeSDR Mini being used with SDRangel, both courtesy of Marty Wittrock, a veteran user of the larger 2x2 MIMO LimeSDR board and a keen advocate for amateur radio use. In the first video, Marty pairs the LimeSDR Mini with an UDOO x86 SBC running Ubuntu, using this together with SDRangel for a 2M band FM transmitter. In support of his quest [...]

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QRadioLink and Smartphone Transmit & Receive Demo using LimeSDR Mini

This latest LimeSDR Mini demo comes courtesy of Adrian Musceac, community member and developer of the rather cool QRadioLink software, which is described as “a Linux SDR transceiver application with VOIP support built on top of GNU Radio, made for hobbyists, tinkerers, and radio enthusiasts, which allows experimenting with software defined radio hardware using different digital and analog modes and an easy-to-use user interface.” What’s particularly exciting about QRadioLink is that, in [...]

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Raspberry Pi ScratchRadio Transmit & Receive

Coming up on two months ago, we first shared details of the SDR extensions to Scratch that we are working on, via an initial demo which creates a simple spectrum display. Since then, Chris, lead developer, has been busy working on implementing additional ScratchRadio blocks and we’re delighted to be able to now share with you complete transmit and receive examples using these. In this latest demo, we have two Raspberry Pi 3 Model [...]

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The app store – agreement with Canonical means it’s full speed ahead

App store integration has always been a core part of the LimeSDR vision and this is something that we have continued to work on in the background, together with partners such as Quortus, who have packaged their Pocket EPC for LTE network development. We are now pleased to announce that an agreement has been put in place with Canonical (Often better known by its Linux OS Ubuntu) which means that it will [...]

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LimeSDR / LimeNET highly commended in Elektra IoT innovation of the year award

The LimeSDR and LimeNET platforms have been declared one of 2017's top three IoT innovations by an independent judging panel led by Electronics Weekly. Announced in a London-held ceremony, Lime's software-defined radio platforms received highly commended status. The commendation follows a win at the 2017 TechWork's award, where Lime won the More than Moore award for its SDR platforms. The 13-strong judging panel, which included industry luminaries such as Steve [...]

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The LimeSDR project – an update

A little over a year ago we launched the LimeSDR campaign. This has the backing of over 5,000 developers. The project has since grown, bringing with it carrier- and enterprise-class SDR equipment (LimeNET) and now a small, very low-cost one too. On one hand we are asking operators and service providers to deploy app enabled, commoditised open source radio access  network hardware solutions. On the other hand we are enabling [...]

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The future of LimeNET and LimeSDR one year on – British Telecom and EE enabling the developers to innovate for future wireless communication

This article was originally written for LinkedIn’s Pulse by Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO of Lime Micro Last year, Lime Micro instigated a crowdfunding campaign to help bring to life LimeSDR, a flexible, next-generation, open sourced software defined radio. One year on, we now have a developer community network of more than 4,000 people including some of the biggest companies in the wireless sector, SMEs, individual developers, amateur radio enthusiasts and hobbyists. [...]

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LimeSDR software defined radio applications – part 1 LTE

The LimeSDR board launched last year as a crowdfunded radio solution with the aim of bringing wireless hardware to a large community of developers for a fraction of the cost of existing implementations. It did so by turning the radio into a commodity piece of hardware, with a user’s PC (connected via USB or PCIe) providing the required  processing power to deal with any air interface, operating in the frequency [...]

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